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SUS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel inside and out. Premium Quality In Every Detail !

Chiller Daddy® Undersink Water Chiller is Better by Design

Not only is Chiller Daddy® SUS304 Stainless Steel "inside & out", but the operating design will extend Chiller Daddy's® compressor life over other designs.  Many other undersink water chillers use the lower cost manufacturing method of reading the temperature from near the Evaporator Coils on the "outside of the tank".  Temperature can fluctuate greatly and change quickly as this is the point of thermal exchange.  This causes the chiller to turn the compressor on and off in quick cycles, burning it out.  This is commonly known as "short cycling".

 Chiller Daddy's design adds a 304 Stainless Steel tube with a precision electronic thermometer extending into the center of the 304 stainless steel water cooling tank.  By reading the temperature "inside the tank", the Chiller Daddy® CHL-750XL gets a more accurate and stable temperature reading.  The stability created by placing the thermometer inside the thermal mass of water inside the tank prevents the fluctuations that trigger the compressor "short cycling" problem.  Our design prevents premature compressor failure.  Chiller Daddy® is Better by Design!Chiller Daddy water chiller cooler

The names of water chiller parts can become confusing to identify.  There are two different coil systems.  The Condenser Coil and the Evaporator Coil.  Water chiller's and water cooler's Evaporator Coil is the copper tubing wrapped around the stainless steel tank and encased in an insulation shell. The Condenser Coil is located to allow heat to escape it.  It serves the same function as the radiator in a car.  The Condenser Coil is where the heat is removed from the refrigerant.  Keep the Evaporator Coil dust free and ventilated for best performance and longest life.  Be good to your chiller and it will be good to you.