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SUS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel inside and out. Premium Quality In Every Detail !

Chiller Daddy® - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Chiller Daddy® make ice?
A. No. Chiller Daddy® chills the water to the perfect temperature for thirst quenching water.


Q. Is Chiller Daddy® noisy?
A. No. Chiller Daddy® has a whisper quiet 3-way noise suppression system.


Q. Does Chiller Daddy® purify the drinking water.
A. No. Chiller Daddy® chills the water after it has been treated by a Reverse Osmosis RO or filtered drinking water system. Chiller Daddy® chills the water to the perfect, refreshing temperature for drinking.


Q. What is the warranty?
A. Chiller Daddy® has a one year warranty for repair or replacement.


Q. Why is Chiller Daddy® made out of SUS304 Stainless Steel?
A. We ask "Why Not?".   304 Stainless Steel is well known as the best material for use in professional cooking and commercial food and beverage service. We think it makes sense to use the best. From the 304 Stainless Steel chiller tank, drain cap and In/Out tubes to the "Rust Free" brushed 304 Stainless Steel designer exterior cabinet. Chiller Daddy® even uses Stainless Steel nuts, bolts, washers and screws. Premium quality down to the smallest details.


Q. Is Chiller Daddy® good for use with Reverse Osmosis drinking water?
A. Yes, it is perfect!  Chiller Daddy® is made for use with Reverse Osmosis RO drinking water better than other water chillers. Due to the purity of RO water it should never contact copper, brass or certain plastics, among many other materials.  Other water chillers have brass, copper or plastic in their waterways. Unlike Chiller Daddy's 100% SUS304 Stainless Steel waterway. Chiller Daddy® undersink water chiller is the perfect choice for use with a Reverse Osmosis RO drinking water system.  Due to the purity Chiller Daddy's waterway it is also great for use in photo processing, medical and laboratory use.